Local Government

Village Mission

The Village of Princeville works to maintain a friendly, safe, clean, diverse and growing community large enough to remain economically viable and provide its residents a modern infrastructure, yet small enough to maintain a strong sense of family and community.


The Village of Princeville was incorporated in 1874 as non-home rule.

It is governed by a President and a six member Board of Trustees.

Member’s terms are four years and 1/2 are elected every other year.


Village of Princeville Board Committees May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2019 (revised 01/16/2018)


Village President Jeff Troutman, villagepresident@princeville.org Term expires 04/30/21
Trustee David Sutherland, trusteesutherland@princeville.org Term expires 04/30/19
Trustee Ron Delbridge, trusteedelbridge@princeville.org Term expires 04/30/19
Trustee Adam Geiger, trusteegeiger@princeville.org Term expires 04/30/21
Trustee Randy Haley, trusteehaley@princeville.org Term expires 04/30/21
Trustee  Andrew Ehnle, trusteeehnle@princeville.org Term expires 04/30/21
Trustee Teresa Gilroy, trusteegilroy@princeville.org Term expires 04/30/19
Village Clerk Spencer Wilson, villageclerk@princeville.org Term expires 04/30/19
Village Treasurer Susan Hofer, villageprinceville@frontier.com Appointed

Board meetings are held on the first Monday and the third Tuesday, after the first Monday, of every month.  Meetings are held in the Boardroom of Village Hall and the public is encouraged to attend.  Meetings are held at 7:00p.m.

Village of Princeville Board of Trustees 2018 Meeting Schedule





Village Hall is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., closed for lunch from 12noon-1:00p.m.

The Village straddles Princeville and Akron townships within Peoria County. We contract with the Peoria County Sheriff’s Department for our law enforcement service.




Village of Princeville:
President – Jeff Troutman – (309) 385-4765

email, villagepresident@princeville.org


Treasurer – Sue Hofer – (309) 385-4765

email, villageprinceville@frontier.com


Superintendent of Public Works – Chad Gardner – (309) 678-4151

email, publicworks@princeville.org


Code Enforcement Officer – Dan Sullivan

email, codeenforcement@princeville.org


Zoning, Village of Princeville – Russ Hyde

email, zoning@princeville.org


To contact the Village Hall, villagehall@princeville.org




Akron-Princeville Ambulance:
Emergency – 911
Business – (309) 385-4417

Akron-Princeville Fire Department:
Emergency – 911
Business – (309) 385-4913


Princeville Zoning Board Members:

Dan Huss ~ Chairman, Randy Long, Phil Webster, Phil Albertson, Lisa Hughes, Jake Wilson, Jim Bayless


Princeville Township:
Supervisor Summer Rice – (309)370-9304
Road Commissioner Robert Ingle – (309) 385-2277

Akron Township:
Supervisor Floyd Streitmatter – (309)360-3978
Road Commissioner Jeffrey Streitmatter – (309) 231-0744

Peoria County:
Administrator – (309) 672-6056
Board Chair – (309) 672-6056
Clerk – (309) 672-6059
Sheriff – (309) 672-6011
Emergency – 911

Lillie M. Evans Library District: