IMRF Employee Compensation Package

Village of Princeville

IMRF Employee Compensation 2022

On June 21, 2022, the Village Board of Trustees approved the annual budget for FY 2023.  The employees listed below each have a “total compensation package” which exceeds $75,000.00 per year. 

As per Public Act:  097-0609 Total compensation package is defined as payment made by the Village to the employee for salary, health insurance, vacation days granted and sick days granted.  The Village of Princeville does not provide payments for housing allowances, vehicle allowances, clothing allowances or business loans. 


Job Title:  Superintendent of Public Works, C. Gardner

Personal/Sick Days:  101.5     Vacation Days:  19     Total Compensation (as defined by PA97-0609)  $119,784.68


Job Title:  Public Works, S. Janssen

Personal/Sick Days:  6      Vacation Days:  10       Total Compensation (as defined by PA97-0609)   $79,976.72