Electric Aggregation

Village of Princeville Residents, 

In November 2012, voters in our community approved a municipal aggregation referendum allowing the Village of Princeville Board of Trustees to contract with an energy supplier to help residential and small commercial customers manage energy costs.  

The current aggregation program (Homefield Energy) expires in June 2022.

After a thorough bid process, Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. was selected as the new supplier for contract term June 2022-June 2025.  The new fixed rate of $0.07859 per kWh is guaranteed until June 2025.  Letters from Constellation New Energy Inc. have gone out to the residents within the Village.  

As the Energy Customer/Resident of the Village of Princeville:

IF YOU CHOOSE TO KEEP with Constellation NewEnergy, and their contracted price, there are no changes in your billing, and you do not need to do anything.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO OPT OUT or have another program you wish to use, follow the opt out instructions in the letter sent from Constellation NewEnergy to residents.

Questions, please contact Chad Gardner, Superintendent of Public Works, 309-678-4151.

To call Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., 833-358-0518.