Garbage & Recycle Collection

Helpful Information for Peoria County Residents:

Eagle Enterprises Recycling picks up Princeville residential recycle on every other Monday. Please view the Princeville Curbside Recycling Calendar below for their collection dates.

Do you need an additional recycle tote or questions about recycling totes, contact Eagle Recycling at 888-932-2936.  www.eerecycling.com

For a list of accepted items for recycling, please view the Accepted Recycle Materials List below.

2023 Princeville Curbside Calendar

Accepted Recycle Materials

Eagle Recycling will collect CEDs, once a month, directly from the resident’s home, on the following dates in 2023:  

July 26

August 23

September 20

October 18

November 29

December 28

Residents must call Eagle Recycling, 888-932-2936, to schedule their pickup.  

CEDs (Covered Electronic Devices) are: televisions, computer monitors, computers (including desktops, laptops, and tablets), printers, fax machines, VCRs, DVD players, DVD recorders, video game consoles, digital converter boxes, cable receivers, satellite receivers, keyboards, computer mice, small scale servers, scanners, and portable digital music players (that contain memory).

Also included, and subject to change:  microwaves, toaster ovens and toasters. 

Eagle cannot accept white goods, in particular that contain freon or coolant (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers).  If you have a question, or wondering about an item not listed, contact Eagle Recycling, 888-932-2936.   

GFL Environmental picks up Princeville residential garbage once a week on Mondays.  


Along with their GFL tote, residents may also set out up to two (2) private cans and/or bags.  Private totes, without a lifting arm,  cannot be in excess of 50lbs or 35 gallons.  Loose and scattered garbage will not be collected. 

If a single family dwelling requires more service than the (1) 95 gallon tote provided by GFL, an additional tote may be obtained from GFL for an additional charge of $5.00 per month.   Contact GFL for a second tote, 309-274-4589.

There is no volume limit on properly contained trash during the two (2) weeks following Christmas. 

If your tote becomes damaged or broken, contact Village Hall at 309-385-4765 to arrange for a new tote.


  • GFL Environmental will collect trash only.  Bulky items such as furniture, mattresses, etc. will have a $30.00 fee, per item, accessed for the pick up.  To set this up, residents must call ahead to GFL Environmental at 309-274-4589.
Once a year, GFL Environmental will make one special Landscape Waste Pickup each spring.  Date TBD.   
GFL will collect bundled tree branches less than 4 inches in width with a maximum length of 4 foot.  Each bundle must weigh less than 50 pounds.  Leaves and other debris must be in brown biodegradable paper bags.  There will be no limit on the volume of Landscape Waste material a homeowner properly sets out during the GFL curbside sweep.  
Once a year, GFL Environmental will have an annual free curbside community cleanup.  This year’s date is September 30, 2023.  GFL will go house to house for the cleanup.  The bulky item cleanup will be limited to 5 cubic yards of material at each household.  GFL cannot take hazardous waste, electronic waste, tires or white goods during the cleanup.   For more information, Click Here.