Garbage & Recycle Collection

What day is garbage pickup? 

AREA Disposal (now GFL Environmental) picks up Princeville residential garbage on Monday of each week.



If your tote becomes damaged or broken, contact Village Hall at 309-385-4765 to arrange for a new tote.


If you are needing a second tote, contact  AREA Disposal at 309-274-4589.

Residents will be charged a $22.00 deposit and an additional fee of $7.50 per month.    The extra totes are billed by AREA Disposal and not the Village, residents will then receive a separate bill from AREA Disposal.  


*As of Janury 1, 2020, AREA Disposal Company will collect trash only.  Bulky items such as furniture, mattresses, etc. will have a fee accessed for the pick up.  To set this up, residents must call ahead to AREA Disposal at 309-274-4589. 


What day is recycling pickup? 

Eagle Enterprises Recycling picks up Princeville residential recycle on every other Monday.  Please view the 2022 Princeville Curbside Recycling Calendar below for their collection dates.

Do you need an additional recycle tote or questions about recycling totes, contact Eagle Recycling at 888-932-2936.

For a list of accepted items for recycling, please view the Accepted Recycle Materials List below.

2022 Princeville Curbside Calendar

Accepted Recycle Materials



Helpful Information for Peoria County Residents:



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