Akron Princeville Ambulance Service

East Main Street
Princeville, IL 61559
Non-Emergency Calls (309) 385-4417

The Akron Princeville Ambulance, Inc. went into service August 1, 1980, with a membership of thirty unpaid volunteers, most of who returned to school for the first time in years to earn certification as Emergency Medical Technicians through a class provided by Illinois Central College.  The organization is monitored by an Advisory Board made up of up to seven community members.  Responders are dispatched by Peoria 911 center.

The organization now operates two ambulances, 24/7. Both ambulances are equipped with the most up to date equipment, computers, AED’s, heart monitors, and drugs.  APA is funded through community donations, memorial donations, and the fees that are charged for each run.

The Akron Princeville Ambulance Service is in need of drivers.  If you have questions, or would like to volunteer to help, please call 309-256-5765.