The Christmas Wish Tree will have children’s names (by number only) on it that could use some help with a Christmas gift this holiday season.  

In November, all students at Princeville Grade School and those that pick up at the 326 Snack Pack Program at the Methodist Church, will receive paper forms and parents/guardians will receive an email from the school.  The forms are also available at Village Hall.  

**Please note, the form itself is not required, if you write all the information that is requested onto a piece of paper, we will accept that as well.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them.  You can call Julie at the Village Hall office 309-385-4765, email villagehall@princeville.org or Private Message the Village of Princeville Facebook page.   


Wish Tree Registration Form


DEADLINE TO REGISTER:  Please turn in forms as soon as possible.  No later than December 3rd.  



Those wishing to give this year, please come by and pick off an ornament and help someone in our community have a brighter Christmas!  The tree will go up the week of November 8 at Village Hall.