Gilles Farm, Youth Pheasant Hunt

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About this event:

Created by jdelbridge

Gilles Farm located on Maher Road, north off of Route 90

Gilles Farm Event Sponsored by Pheasants Forever

The youth pheasant hunt will be the weekend following Thanksgiving.

Sat., November 28 and Sun., November 29.

Times are from 8-10am, 10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm each day.

Pheasants Forever will provide each youth 2 pheasants to be hunted on those 2 days.  There will be 5 hunting groups with dogs, dog handlers, and bird setters.  Each group will take 5 kids with a parent or guardian and 10 pheasants to their field area to hunt the birds.  Kids 10 years old through High School can attend the hunt.  They MUST have taken the hunters safety class and passed.

Committee members for these events are Ted Gilles and Mike Aldrich.  If interested in these events, email, or call Mike at 309-385-2127 or 309-229-4090

Paid family or group hunts will be offered for a day hunt in December or January.  Call Ted Gilles at 309-645 -5739 or 309-446-3625.