Economic Development

Princeville is a pleasantly compact community with an active and prosperous downtown.   business_north
The village is tucked away just 15 miles from Peoria (urban population center of more 350,000) and linked by Interstate 74 and State Highways 90 & 91. The Burlington Northern – Santa Fe railroad passes along the village’s south side, where Princeville’s spur allows on and off loading. T1 high-speed internet connections link the community with the World Wide Web.

Princeville Demographic Information Compiled by – Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs


“The primary purpose of economic development in the village is to improve and maintain  business_northeastthe foundation necessary for long-term economic growth, retain and expand local businesses, and attract new businesses to increase jobs and tax revenue for the Princeville area.”

For more information regarding Princeville’s Economic Development email .

Building Codes & Zoning:

The Village is currently updating the building codes and zoning. Please contact Village Hall for up-to-date codes and zoning, (309) 385-4765, or

Business Development Programs:

CDAP Princeville has over $250,000 available for low interest business development loans through their Community Development Assistance Program – Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund.

TIF – Tax Increment Financing districts are improving local schools, village infrastructure, private developments and businesses. Contact Village Hall for more information, (309) 385-4765 or


Local banks offer reduced rate loans for business expansion and visual enhancement projects.