Building Permits/Zoning

Within the Village of Princeville, Building Permits are required:

  1. To establish, occupy, or change the use of a structure or land either by itself or in addition to another use.
  2. To construct or erect a new structure of part thereof.
  3. To extend, demolish, or move any structure or part thereof.
  4. To change one nonconforming use to another such use or to a special use.
  5. To extend, expand, change, or reestablish any nonconforming use (except to the extent an exemption applies.)

Note:  The term “structure” as used above includes not only principal or main structures, but also accessory structures (including but not limited to accessory storage and portable storage structures).

Some of the most common projects that will require a permit are:  building a new home, adding a deck or porch, adding a garage- attached or detached, a shed (even pre-built sheds), pools over 2 foot in height, fence, adding a car port, demolishing/taking down a structure, signs etc. 


Permit Applications & Village Codes (fees are listed in each Application)

Zoning Codes Chapter 17, Building Permit Application

Fence Building Codes, Fence Permit Application

Swimming Pool Codes, Pool Permit Application

Solar Roof & Ground Mount Codes, Solar Permit Application

Demo Permit Application




Zoning Officer:  Joe Sarnes

To contact Joe, call the Village Hall office, 309-385-4765 or to reach by email,


Zoning Board Members: